Roof Top Tents


They are finally here! Roof Top Tents are popping up, quite literally everywhere you look these days!

What is the deal?

Other countries like Australia have been camping on top of their vehicles for years – partly because of all the creepy crawlers that want to have you for dinner…. but regardless we are now catching up.

This is in part due to North America’s historically limited and conservative roof rack capacities. Your average recreational rack hasn’t needed to be heavy duty, typically – until recent years. Now we are seeing the trends in aftermarket roof racks responding to the needs of the consumer, with longer and stronger crossbars, better testing and research into static and dynamic weight capacities and recognizing that there is a difference. We are also seeing the rise in popularity and demand for Rhino-Rack who is the leader in overland racks, designed for surviving the rigors of the Australian Outback.

Treeline, iKamper, Alucab, Smittybilt, Burmis, Tepui, Yakima, CVT – that just scratches the surface of what’s at your fingertips in the RTT market. What is the difference?

Quality dictates price for starters. The hard shelled options start at around the $4000 mark and go up from there. Some of the basic options are under $1000 but that is not generally where you want to invest your money. After all, it will be in the elements and is something that you plan on sleeping in….

The average price for a decent, standard tent would be anywhere from $1600 to $3500 roughly. Most tent manufacturer’s have different tiers of quality, for instance 3 season vs. 4 season – which the price will reflect.

When choosing our ‘go-to’ rooftop tent supplier, we primarily wanted to support a Canadian Company. We wanted the best water proofing, best quality, most functionality and features, great reviews and customer support, aesthetics, durability and comfort. We found all of that and more in Treeline Outdoors. They have something for everyone and have that extra ‘Over The Top’ eye for detail that we appreciate.

Interested in another option? Just ask. We are ever expanding into new lines.

Cheap ain’t always good and good ain’t always cheap – something to remember when researching and purchasing such an investment. You only want to buy it once.

Reach out if you want to discuss what your options are for taking your camping to the next level!